Do you know why most watches are round? | round watch

Know if you have found that in nature or in our lives, there are many more round things than other shapes...including the watches we are familiar with.

To talk about our current impression of watch styles, except for some special series, such as: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier Tank... and a few brands with square designs and special-shaped watches, most of the remaining watches are round.

So why do most watches have a circular design? I believe this is also a question that every person who loves watches has had. Today, the editor will discuss it with everyone.

The origin of clocks and watches in history is called "sundial", which means "shadow of the sun", and sundial is also a more commonly used instrument for observing diary and timekeeping in ancient my country. It is mainly based on the position of the sun to specify the time or engraving number.

The so-called sundial is an instrument that measures the time of the sun's shadow during the day.

The principle of sundial timing is this. During the day, the shadows cast by objects illuminated by the sun are constantly changing. The first is that the length of the shadows is changing. The shadows in the morning are the longest. As time goes by, the shadows gradually become shorter. Once noon, it changes again. Re-lengthen

The second is that the direction of the shadow is changing, because we are in the northern hemisphere, the morning shadow is in the west, the noon shadow is in the north, and the evening shadow is in the east.

In principle, it is possible to time according to the length or direction of the shadow, but it is more convenient to time according to the direction of the shadow, so it is usually timed in the direction of the shadow.

From ancient times to the present, there are many utensils used for timekeeping, such as sundial, hourglass, etc., until it is indicated by a single pointer. The pointer rotates around its axis to make a circular motion, just like a compass.

Therefore, it is logical that the prototype of the clock is round.

After coming back, pocket performances have become a way for people to look at time. Back then, pocket watches were also designed in a round shape. Why do pocket watches also have a round design?

Because the pocket watch is designed and made as a personal personal item, the processing metal materials at the time did not have the technology to make the edges and corners of the metal smooth. Therefore, if the pocket watch is designed to have an angular style, it will be a little uncomfortable to wear. Comfortable, and the round shape is the easiest to carry.

There is another point in the early pocket watch movements, which are basically round. The arrangement of the splint, escapement and balance spring of the watch movement in the circular design is more reasonable, while the square design of the movement will either affect the movement. The size of the heart increases, or the layout of the gears is unreasonable.

The circular design of the pocket watch deeply influenced the shape of the watch. Many people think that the first pocket watch was the "Nuremberg Egg" born in Nuremberg, Germany.

According to legend, in 1806, in order to win the favor of Queen Josephine, Napoleon ordered craftsmen to make a small "clock" that could be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. This was the world's first watch.

Since then, the round shape has become the most common case design for watches.

After hundreds of years, round watches have naturally become the traditional shape of watches. Many traditional watch brands continue to manufacture round watches.

Although there are brands like Richard Mille that promote tonneau-shaped watches, they only occupy a small part of the market. It is unlikely that they will turn into the mainstream of the market. After all, round watches are a tradition for centuries. modeling.

From other angles, when we look at circular objects, we can more naturally focus the visual center of gravity on the center of the watch dial, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly reading the time.

Even though the current technological level has been raised to a very high level, the round watch case is generally more comfortable to wear than the square one with edges and corners.

Besides, people always like things of perfection, so they have an inherent preference for roundness and perfection.

I believe that only a circle can truly reflect the cyclical and even infinite characteristics of time.
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