Here are some tips and tricks that Apple Smart Watch users may overlook

It has to be said that in recent years, wearable devices have indeed become more and more popular, especially smart watches, which have become the rigid needs of many small partners by virtue of their functions such as dressing decoration, sports health monitoring, and call reply messages. And to say that the product with the largest user group at present is Apple's Apple Watch. In order to give users a better understanding of how to use the  Apple Smart Watch, Apple has recently officially released a series of tips for using it. Let’s take notes and learn together.

1. Find your iPhone
I believe that many small partners have encountered the experience of not being able to find the mobile phone, but with the Apple Watch, it can help us quickly find the location of the mobile phone. It is reported that users only need to swipe the bottom of the Apple Watch screen to bring up the "Control Center", and can see the "Call iPhone" function, just click the function, the phone connected to the watch will make a sound, and press and hold the button. , the phone will make a sound and flash.

2. Set multiple timers
We all know that Apple Watch can set timers, but many small partners may not know that in fact, it can set multiple timers, open the "Timer" App to set the first timer, and then tap the back button on the upper left of the screen. Set the next timer. Tapping the back button allows you to view the timer in action.

3. Water lock
When the user wears the watch to go to the water park or swim, the "Start Lock" function of the Apple Watch will be automatically turned on. The user can tap the "Water Lock" button in the "Control Center" to prevent accidental taps on the dial. A quick turn of the Digital Crown after a workout turns off Water Lock while unlocking the screen and clearing water from the speaker.

4. Change the dial complications
It is reported that when users want to change the dial to add more complex functions, they just need to hold down the screen and tap to edit, then continue to swipe left to the last page, and then tap a complex function to make changes. Also, dial style options can be browsed by turning the crown, and changes can be saved by pressing the digital crown.

5. Customize the screen
Users can rearrange or delete apps by simply pressing and holding anywhere on the home screen and tapping List View.

6. Use the camera remote control app
In everyday photography, users can use the Apple Watch as a photo viewfinder. It is reported that users only need to open the camera remote control app on the watch and place the iPhone in the shooting position, then they can see the specific shooting frame on the watch, and at the same time, they can also click on the timer or "more" in the lower right corner. button to view other functional options, such as taking pictures without enabling countdown, etc.

7. Identify songs
However, when the user hears a beautiful piece of music and cannot remember the specific song name, they can press the digital crown to say: "What song is this", and the watch will quickly feedback the specific music information.

8. Switch audio output
When you receive audio, you can switch from your paired Bluetooth device to another directly on your watch by tapping the AirPlay button on the Now Playing screen and selecting the new device.

9. Use the click-back function to reply to messages
The "Tap Back" feature allows users to quickly reply to iMessage messages, simply double-tap a conversation message and select an icon to reply to a message.

10. Cover screen mute
When users are in class or in a meeting, when they receive an incoming call or a message notification, they only need to cover the dial with their palm to achieve mute.