How smart watch help users develop good habits

In the era of smart digital, do you believe that a small smart watch will change your living habits? Drinking water is so simple, that is, we ignore it because of its simplicity; the same exercise is also a very simple thing, but it is difficult to keep exercising.
A few days ago, a lawyer with kidney stones changed his living habits through a smart watch and finally recovered successfully.
The lawyer was diagnosed with kidney stones during the physical examination. The doctor reminded him to exercise more, drink more water, and avoid sitting for a long time. Based on the doctor's advice and his thoughts on his own health, he set up drinking water for himself through the smart watch on his hand. Reminders, sedentary reminders, you must stand up and drink water to avoid sedentary time. In order to drink water on time and avoid sedentary time, you also changed a small water cup. Over time, you have also developed a good habit of drinking water on time and exercising regularly.
Exercise is simple, but it is not easy to keep exercising. Lawyers also set a goal of 5 kilometers for themselves through smart watches. Every time they exercise, they can see how far they are from the goal, and their daily persistence gradually develops. He acquired the habit of exercising and made exercise a part of his life, and this year the smart watch also recorded 7,200 minutes of exercise time.
Not only do you set goals for yourself, but smart watches can also display exercise information such as exercise duration, heart rate, and exercise consumption. After a year of perseverance, the smartwatch changed lawyer Bob's habits, and he got rid of that pesky stone. He also sincerely thanked the smart watch for helping it develop a good habit of loving sports and drinking water, and good habits have also made his life healthier.
I believe that the vast majority of working people forget to drink water and sit for a long time because of work. It is also common for us, as working people, to have a smart watch for our own health