How to make the life of the watch longer?

With the development of technology, people’s demand for using technology is increasing, and technology has gradually entered our lives. Of course, watches are no exception. From the beginning, watches are only used to see time. Now they have evolved into smart watches. It greatly improves work efficiency, and also installs a small guard for people's health to monitor body data at all times.

Then the smart watch also brings us many doubts, whether it will affect the body if it is worn for a long time? Can its service life be increased?
How to make the life of the watch longer?
First of all, the smart watch is composed of a processor, a low-power Bluetooth module, physical buttons, a vibration motor, and an acceleration sensor for detecting and controlling gestures. Therefore, the impact on the human body is not large. If you wear a watch to sleep at night, the watch will tighten your wrist and press the wrist artery for a long time, which will affect our health. Therefore, you need to adjust the handle ring to the most comfortable width before going to bed to avoid pressing on the wrist artery; when we use it for a long time, the watch case and strap will have some dirt, so we need to clean up these dirt regularly to avoid impact Our health.
How to make the life of the watch longer?
The intuitive reasons for reducing the service life of the watch are generally as follows:
1. The watch hits a hard object, causing damage to the watch chip
2. Exposing the watch to a high temperature or low temperature environment for a long time may damage the internal movement of the watch
3. If you do not charge the watch for a long time, if you store an electronic product for too long, it will cause the battery to "starve".
The above is a summary of the reasons, just for personal opinion.

Therefore, the long-term power loss of electronic products will cause the battery to break, and the use rate of the watch must be increased to increase the service life of the watch; if it is not used frequently, it can be fully charged with more than 90% of the electricity, so that it can last longer.