In addition to preventing children from losing, RFID smart bracelet can also be used in this way

At present, the development of radio frequency technology is very rapid. According to incomplete statistics, the products of radio frequency technology have covered all parts of the world. Since the rise of wireless radio frequency technology in the 20th century, it has received the attention of many experts. In the 1990s, the sales of radio frequency products increased sharply, basically at an annual rate of 20%.
The radio frequency technology, which was mainly used in the military in the past, has also been gradually applied to people's lives. Among them, the most popular research in recent years is the radio frequency technology of preventing children's loss, which has been sought after by many experts.

Principles and characteristics of children's smart bracelets
Children's bracelets designed using radio frequency technology are roughly divided into two types. The first is a chip bracelet with an RFID electronic chip directly embedded on the bracelet. If your child is gone now, anyone with a smartphone can directly scan the child's bracelet, scan the RFID or NFC chip inside, and get the information inside and then contact you directly.
The second is the popular smart bracelet with NFC function on the market today. Use radio frequency technology to identify children. Different children carry radio frequency technology tags. Install radio frequency technology reading and writing devices in children's activity places, including the roads of schools and around the family. When children pass, record the time of passing. and other information, these can be automatically sent to parents in the form of text messages or WeChat, when the child is in danger, just a touch, the alarm will emit a harsh alarm sound, the volume is as high as 130 decibels, and the alarm will be turned off. It takes about 5 seconds to press and hold, which makes it impossible for gangsters to grab it and turn it off. The tag is bound to the information of the child. The wireless frequency technology system collects the information and connects it to the database to grasp the child's information in real time.