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Smart bracelet

Among wearable smart products, smart watches and smart bracelets were originally the same product. From historical experience, large-screen smart watches are bound to replace small-screen smart bracelets!
But smart watches will not replace smart bracelets in the short term, and even smart watches will become another short-lived pager. Today's smart watches have too many functions, and the prices are getting higher and higher. There are too many functions that overlap with the functions of mobile phones. The large dials are heavy and complicated. Not only do they not allow consumers to experience the good experience of wearable devices, but more and more It's becoming an unnecessary burden!
Smart watches are not only inconvenient when exercising (heavy weight), inconvenient when using (small screen), and inconvenient when charging (short battery life). In the final analysis, it is the wrong direction! It is a rare fitness exercise. What we need is a wearable smart product that is light and portable, with concise and clear functions, and can accurately record data, not another "mobile phone"!