Sports and healthy life start with this health watch

The health watch has built-in independent GPS to support independent movement after leaving the mobile phone. In terms of star searching speed, in outdoor open scenes, star searching and positioning can be completed in about 20-30 seconds. The health watch has a variety of sports modes, supporting 11 professional sports modes (running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, rowing machine) and 85 free sports modes, including fitness, dance, ball games, water sports, ice and snow sports, extreme sports, etc. the mainstream common sports are basically included. The health watch supports independent recording of basic data such as running distance, time, pace, track and calories consumed. At the same time, combined with the motion state recognition algorithm, it can actively identify your motion state. This has also been experienced in detail in the previous Huawei watch evaluation, which will not be repeated here.
Because it is equipped with a square display screen, this screen can display more complete content. With this advantage, the health watch has built-in 12 animation fitness courses, including 44 standardized fitness actions, which is suitable for office and home scenes.
In the past, when we wanted to do fitness exercise, we often needed to learn and do it with the help of large screen devices such as TV, mobile phone and tablet. It is difficult to use fragment time to start scientific fitness anytime and anywhere. Huawei put these fitness contents into the health watch. We only need to find these courses in the "exercise - fitness courses" option of the watch, and then follow the action points of the fitness animation demonstration on the watch.
In the process of exercise, the watch will record your heart rate and remind you of movement norms through vibration. It is especially suitable for office workers who don't have much time to go to the gym but want to keep fit.