What are the functions of a smart watch?

(1) The first major use: checking the weather Compared with traditional watches, smart watches can check the weather forecast, report the air quality index of the day and other information closely related to daily life, and all this can be viewed by simply raising the wrist, which is convenient at a glance.
(2) The second major use: remote control photography After the smart watch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, it can freely place the mobile phone and take photos from various angles.
(3) The third major use: wireless network communication After connecting to the mobile phone, you can view and remind text messages, emails, and call records. Since the watch is worn on the hand, users can be reminded to check relevant information in real time, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of missing calls and text messages.
(4) The fourth major use: health care Built-in motion monitoring and sleep management functions. It can record the user's daily activity data, and use the watch's processing chip to accurately analyze the fat burning situation and health index, and provide accurate data reference for bodybuilders. For people with irregular daily routines, it can provide sleep tracking management to help us get rid of the state of sub-health.