What can a health watch customized for the elderly do for mothers?

The health watch specially designed for the elderly is a smart wearable device that is very suitable for the elderly to wear and can pay attention to their health and safety.
Compared with children's watches, health watches are a little less colorful, and in other aspects, they are mainly comfortable and practical.
The health watch uses a 1.4-inch TFT screen, and the main interface is very simple. At the top is the clock display, with large fonts, the date and week in the middle, and the local weather at the bottom. Because most elderly people have poor eyesight, they can only see clearly if the font is larger, which is very humane.
The functions of health watches are simple and practical. For example, this heart rate monitoring function can let many elderly people with poor hearts know their heart rate and keep an eye on their heart health. The health watch also has a function of measuring blood pressure. This function is quite practical, but before using it, users need to use a professional blood pressure detector to detect their blood pressure, and enter the test results in the watch app for calibration, and then Only then can the watch be used for blood pressure monitoring.
Blood pressure monitoring takes longer than heart rate monitoring. After the test, the results of systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be displayed directly on the watch, so that the wearer can see his current blood pressure status at a glance. Especially for many elderly people, it is very necessary to always pay attention to their blood pressure status, so this function is very practical.