Chinese watches

Chinese watches

Watch, or wrist watch, refers to an instrument worn on the wrist to keep time/display time.
A watch is a precision instrument used to indicate time. The principle of this instrument is to use a vibration system with a constant period and continuous vibration as a standard. If you know the time (vibration period) required for the vibration system to complete a full vibration of a watch, and calculate the number of vibrations, then the time elapsed after so many vibrations is equal to the vibration period multiplied by the number of vibrations. That is, time = vibration period × number of vibrations

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Design and R&D

With a 10-year design and R&D technical team, he has been engaged in the production of smart wearable products for more than 6 years.

Multiple production bases

It has 5 offline stores and 3 factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Yiwu, with a total production area of more than 5,000 square meters.

Excellent quality

Good quality and affordable products win customer satisfaction, and good quality and affordable products win customer satisfaction.

Rich product line

There are more than 1,000 products, including chinese watches, fitness watch, gaming watch, health watch, smart watch, watch band, watch band, etc.

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"ZUX" has the youngest and most potential smart wearable team. ZUX makes life more interesting. Shenzhen Zhiyouxing Technology Co., Ltd.,  is a smart watch supplier, providing Chinese watches, smart watches, game watches,chinese watches, fitness watch, gaming watch, health watch, watch band, watch band, etc., and its products are exported to more than 20 countries. 

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Chinese watches | Smart watch made in China

As one end of the era of the Internet of Everything, smart watches are increasingly providing users with convenience and are also helping everyone to better understand their own health.
Smart watches are usually divided into two categories: health data monitoring and all-round smart experience. The health data monitoring category usually has monitoring functions such as heart rate, step counting and calorie consumption, while the all-round smart experience watch pays more attention to the application experience on the wrist.

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I am a sports enthusiast, it brings me a lot of training data I need.


I can take nice photos with my friends at any time, which makes me very happy.


I like wearing jewelry very much. Its appearance is stylish and beautiful, and it is also very practical. This surprised me very much.

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Classic appearance, exquisite and practical, call, shopping, sports, monitoring, music, app, one watch can satisfy. A number of R&D and innovations have been carried out on circuit boards, components, backlights and screens, and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

Smart watches seem to have more and more functions, but basically there are two categories, sports functions and health functions. At present, health-related functions on smart watches include biochemical functions such as heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen saturation detection, as well as accidental detection such as falls and impacts.

Please use the wireless charger that was included in the smartwatch packaging. Place your smartwatch directly on the wireless charger and a lightning bolt will appear on the watch face to denote that it is charging.

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