Best Watch strap

Best Watch strap

For a watch, the head of the watch is definitely its soul, and it is also the part we talk about the most, but we are really close to the skin and even determine the comfort of a watch, whether it can be worn every day, but it is the watch strap decided.

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Design and R&D

With a 10-year design and R&D technical team, he has been engaged in the production of smart wearable products for more than 6 years.

Multiple production bases

It has 5 offline stores and 3 factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Yiwu, with a total production area of more than 5,000 square meters.

Excellent quality

Good quality and affordable products win customer satisfaction, and good quality and affordable products win customer satisfaction.

Rich product line

There are more than 1,000 products, including chinese watches, fitness watch, gaming watch, health watch, smart watch, watch band, watch band, etc.

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"ZUX" has the youngest and most potential smart wearable team. ZUX makes life more interesting. Shenzhen Zhiyouxing Technology Co., Ltd.,  is a smart watch supplier, providing Chinese watches, smart watches, game watches,chinese watches, fitness watch, gaming watch, health watch, watch band, watch band, etc., and its products are exported to more than 20 countries. 

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Watch Strap Producer

The color of the watch dial is a consideration. It is generally believed that a brown strap can be used with a black dial. It is recommended to maintain some contrast. Black dials tend to look best under light brown to medium brown, while silver/white dials tend to look best under medium to dark brown.

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I am a sports enthusiast, it brings me a lot of training data I need.


I can take nice photos with my friends at any time, which makes me very happy.


I like wearing jewelry very much. Its appearance is stylish and beautiful, and it is also very practical. This surprised me very much.

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You match according to the size of the dial. Most smart watches use 22mm or 20mm straps. There are also 18 mm straps.

Watch straps, especially leather straps, require daily maintenance. The basic methods are as follows: 1. Avoid contact with water and humidity to prevent mold and deformation. 2. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent fading. 3. Avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetics to prevent deterioration. 4. If the strap gets wet accidentally, it should be worn after air-drying. 5. Don't wear a watch while sleeping, so that the strap can rest. 6. In winter, the strap has a greater degree of hardening, so don't "reflex" to damage the leather.

5 ways to choose a new strap or strap 1. Get the right size. Measure the width between the lugs of the watch (where the strap is attached to the watch) to ensure that the strap you buy is the right size. 2. Get the correct length. The standard length of most straps fits most wrists. 3. Know the correct disassembly tool. The strap is removed with a spring bar tool. 4. Check whether the accessories are complete. Some straps are sold without buckles, so please check the product information before buying. 5. Choose the right material. Get information about what material the strap is made of.

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